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If you want a really good advertisment for your company or website, an online game will be the best tool for this purpose. We will create and customize one of those simple but famous games for you. We use the widely used Java plugin or the Javascript programming language to display the applications.

We can customize an existing game on demand: we will make it fit to the image of your homepage or company with pictures and sounds. As far as possible we can also implement your own ideas, custom solutions.

Main features:

» Enjoyable, elaborated (even multilingual) games.

» Applications in EXE and APP formats that run under Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

» Games that are displayed online with the Java plugin or the Javascript programming language.

» We will build in your own pictures and sounds into the game on demand.

» We provide simple applications, too (writing/reading files online is not possible with Java).

» Online scoreboard with PHP.

» We can make the Java game run only on your website, this way we can avoid stealing and reusing the game on other websites.

For further information about the prices, details and possibilities please contact us by one of the addresses on the Contact page. When you order, we will send an HTML file that contains the code to embed and a JAR file (or Javascript file) that needs to be uploaded to the homepage, too. Please don't forget to download our sample game and try it out to be convinced that your webhost provider allows uploading and running this type of games.

View our references we have made so far!

TAM stones (Sample game)

The sample puzzle game of Trio-Art Music. The goal of the game is to remove the groups of adjoining blocks of the same colour by clicking. New adjoining groups appear and earlier ones may disappear if you rotate the playing field.

You can find the downloadable version of the game here.


The online version of the famous concentration game. Beside the cards we can customize also the whole design on demand. One of the most popular genres on company websites!
We added a security protection to the game; the JAR file runs currently on our server only. The game does not work if it's uploaded to another server or is downloaded to the computer.

Blue Friends

Adventure of two blue friends in a simple but exciting game. Press right or left to move the blue guys. You can jump with the up and down keys. The goal is to avoid the enemies that are coming from the left and right.
» In 2008 Blue Friends earned the place of 13rd in Clickteam's and Gamesare Studios' 20 Event Contest.
» The downloadable version of the game for Mac OS X has lead the top list of the most popular Dashboard Widgets for weeks on the official website of Apple.
» The Blue Firends Dashboard Widget appeared in Apple's German newspaper, the Mac Life in November, 2008. Blue Friends got the most points in November from the six selected applications!