Music engraving

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The Trio-Art Music Publishing produces scores, books and newspapers since 1992. The scores have been made with professional music engraving applications (Score, Finale, Sibelius, Turandot, Musescore and Score Perfect Professional), they are ready to print (on film, with sounding material, in PDF format on demand).

Information about the computational engraving services of Trio-Art Music Publishing

» Orchestral score: € 0.15 / measure (only which contains notes)
» Part extraction: € 3 / page (10-12 lines)
» Piano score (depending on the style, poliphony, age, etc.): ask for pricing
» General hourly rate: € 15

We can accept your manuscript or source score in Music XML or PDF format as well. A complete score will be printed in optional format (usually A4, A3) in 1200x1200 dpi resolution, archived on CD, with correction, with sounding material and in PDF format. The prices are preliminary and they are valid for an optimal turnaround time, we make a separate calculation for certain works by common arrangement. Scores are available online at Score Exchange as references. The Scorch plugin is required to display the scores.